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SKS Anywhere Adapter (Single M5 Mount)

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No possibility of mounting something on the frame? The SKS ANYWHERE enables bottle cages, bags, replacement tubes, locks or pumps to be mounted almost anywhere on the bike. It also works great with lights. The mounting system comprises two adapters and two durable hook and loop fastener straps. These can be shortened without difficulty and fit on all tubes with a max. diameter of 80 mm. The rubberised surface protects the paintwork and ensures that nothing slips even during a hard ride in rough terrain.

- Plastic Piece w/ Metal Insert and Velcro/Rubber Strap

- Single M5 Mounting Hole

- Mounting Hole/Platform is raised 2cm

- 80mm Maximum Tube Diameter for Supplied Straps

- Can Replace Straps with Zipties,  Hose Clamp, Etc - depending on strength needed for specific application.