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Domino Dual Hall Effect Sensor Model-Full Twist Throttle

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     Domino has ruled the market for a while with the best electric twist throttle. This right-side full twist throttle has a stiffer twisting mechanism with a shorter range of motion than other electric twist throttles on the market, which tend to have an overly long range of motion with little to no resistance in the twist. With less range of motion, it is easier on your hand and wrist, and you are more stable because your hand is always closer to the natural grip position, not having to regrip and you full throttle, overextend your wrist, posturing awkwardly... not to mention losing a degree of stability while doing so. With the higher resistance in the twisting mechanism, there is ample force to steady against at any certain degree of rotation enabling you to modulate the level of throttle being applied much easier, and with higher precision. It looks, feels, and performs better than other throttles, it's hard to argue with anything but the price on these, but we do our best to offer the best price around... Hands down, the go to for most DIY Higher power E-Bike or E-Moto builders, as well as people looking to improve their name brand E-Bikes with an aftermarket throttle that offers superior feel and performance. Most throttles on commonly available bikes are just not very high quality and are the weak link of an otherwise premium build!

     Until now, the only option from Domino has been the well-known potentiometer model... which could be configured in a 2 or 3 wire mode outputting either 0-5k or 5k-0 ohm. The issue with the potentiometer model is that a lot of the commonly available e-bikes and conversion kits use controllers that don't have the same range input for the throttle signal. Some controllers have an adjustable TPS range, or auto-calibrate, but some just don't match up, and you would get either on/off function with a twist, or you would have significant dead space in the twist before power would kick in. The solution to this was to test and identify the signal of the stock throttle paired with the controller of your system or find what the input of the bare controller you have is - then test the output of your potentiometer model domino throttle - and wire a specific resistor depending on how the numbers crunch! That gets to be a bit much for many...

     Enter the dual hall effect sensor model! The typical hall sensor voltage range, 2 sets with different power curves so you can pick which to wire in, then you will still have a backup set in the rare event of a failure. but in addition to that - there are 2 slightly different power curves, so you can wire your primary set according to your preference!!!


  • The NEWEST from Domino - the Italian Manufacturer of the Highest Quality Twist Throttle for E-Bikes on the market, BY FAR
  • Dual Hall Effect Sensor Model has Improved Compatibility Rate with your Commonly Available E-Bikes/Motors/Controllers VS. the Potentiometer Model
  • Two Sets of Hall Sensors/Wires Offer Two Different Power Curves!
  • Use Preferred Power Curve Set as the Primary/Wired, and Keep the Other Set for Backup
  • Fits 7/8" HandlebarsFits 7/8" handle bars
  • 40" Wire (does NOT include mating connector)
  • 9.8 oz


Domino Dual Hall Effect Sensor Specifications Sheet