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     Can't find the perfect E-bike for you, and don't want to build it yourself? Maybe you just need a part made, or a custom modification? Did your motor or battery die on you, and you are past done dealing with it?! We can handle it!

     Eco Cycles runs a dedicated Service, Repair, and Construct Center in Nashville, TN. We have spent years riding, designing, building, and repairing E-bikes - having done everything from simple e-bike conversions and battery builds, to product conceptualization, material sourcing, and manufacturing - with a little bit of time spent reverse engineering and on software/programming modifications for good measure. We learned some of the lessons the hard way, so you don't have to.

     We also provide various Support and Repair Services for International E-Bike Parts Dealers who have Customers in North America so we are experienced, capable, and in good practice. When it comes to E-bikes, Batteries, and Parts - our position is that we would not put you on something that we would not ride ourselves!

Some of our specialties include:

  • CUSTOM High Power Purpose Built Frame E-bikes (Up to 15,000w Peak)
  • CUSTOM 'Street Legal' E-Bikes (Typically 750w, 1,500w-3,000w Peak Offroad Mode)
  • CUSTOM Battery Systems for E-Bikes and MORE
  • Alarms and GPS Systems for E-bikes (Alarm w/ Wireless Key FOB, and GPS that is traceable on your phone, and can even notify you ~ call/text)
  • Solid Inner Tube/Tire Mounting for E-bikes (Solid Inner Tube, Standard Tire for a FLAT-FREE GUARANTEE while preserving the ride and handling)
  • Motor Inspection, Servicing, Repair, and Upgrades
  • Battery Inspection and Repair
  • Old Style/Discontinued Battery INTERNAL Replacement / Upgrade (we take whatever battery your system used, remove the old battery from the case, and install a new, even upgraded battery that will be compatible with your system)
  • & MORE! 

CONTACT US TODAY for a quote!

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