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Eco+ TSDZ2B with Open Source Firmware (250w-750w+)

Eco+ TSDZ2B with Open Source Firmware:

      Open Source Firmware takes the TSDZ2 to the next level - offering higher performance that is more efficient, smooth, and integrated than ever - with fully customizable power, sensitivity, and data displays that are quickly adjustable on the fly! Built on the Eco+ TSDZ2B platform with our signature upgraded parts and modifications, this is the ultimate TSDZ2 kit!

     No programming necessary, Eco Cycles provides this OSF system preloaded and preconfigured, ready to go - 'plug and play' - just tell us the battery you are pairing it with, and your wheel size. You don't even have to worry about adjusting any settings from the display, just install it, turn it on, and ride! Our experts will set this up perfectly for you during our quality control and bench testing process, but of course you can tweak settings if you decide to after the fact. We do recommend you at least give it a test ride as delivered though!

     With just a few button presses from the 860C Display, set from 1-9 assist levels across multiple assist modes, and tune each assist level, in each mode, completely independently. This allows you to dial things in perfectly whether you prefer more or less assist, regardless of your output ability. The 860C Display features 3 customizable home screens which cycle at the touch of a button. In addition to the Battery Percent, Clock, Assist Level, and Speed - which are always shown - you can set the 4 data fields and 1 graph on each screen. That is a total of 12 numeric data fields and 3 graphs available on the HUD for all of your analytic needs! 

Eco+ TSDZ2B Custom Parts and Features:

     Eco Cycles is proud to not only have exclusive deals with Tongsheng, but also produce our own parts and perform custom modifications not available elsewhere that bring the TSDZ2 to the next level of performance and reliability! We have been working with the TSDZ2 for years and know these motor kits better than anyone else around, even providing support and repair services for other domestic, and international distributors. We stock ALL replacement parts here in the US, so rest assured you are in good hands with available parts and support as needed. Our upgrades include:

  • Upgraded Main Gear with Double Clutch- higher quality main gear and clutch bearing for a more secure chainring and spindle assembly with little to no play, and virtually no resistance when pedaling without power (vs. old type main gears with a lower quality clutch more prone to failure)
  • Upgraded Composite / Press Fit Internal Gear- higher quality composite internal gear is stronger and more heat resistant, and with our 4th generation design, we finally moved to press fit, getting rid of the needle bearing for greatly improved reliability while keeping your motor function as quiet as possible. (vs. stock internal gears made of lower quality plastic, along with metal gears and our first 3 Generations of upgraded gears which still used needle bearings which are prone to failure)
  • High Performance Cooling Mod* - custom machined heatsink plate fits under motor base with the highest quality thermal gap filler packed around the motor core to allow higher power usage with increased reliability (vs. stock untreated motors which can overheat easily with OSF as you breach 450w)
  • Extended Models to fit 74-120mm Bottom Brackets* - Available in two sizes with 20mm of assorted bottom bracket spacers included - for more versatile compatibility (vs. stock models that are only compatible with 68-73mm Bottom Brackets)
  • Eccentric Bottom Bracket Adapters* - Available in 41mm, 46mm, and Ashtabula/America - for more versatile compatibility (vs. stock models that are only compatible with 33.5-35mm I.D. Bottom Brackets)
  • Solid E-Bike Chainrings* - custom machined chainrings are offset for a better chain line and have narrow/wide tooth profiles for increased chain retention (vs. stock chainrings with standard tooth profile and an outward chain line making chain drops much more common, especially when shifting to or riding in lower gears)
  • Corrected 170mm Right Side Crank* - swap your right/drive side crank to even out your Q factor which is much easier on your joints (vs. stock where the right/drive crank is 20mm+ further out from the center line than the left/non-drive side crank)

*Optional Modification or Part

Open Source Firmware Features:

  • Voltage - 24v to 60v MAX
  • Amps - 18a MAX
  • Watts - 900w+ MAX
  • Motor - Up to 100 N.m with Adjustable Overall Power, Acceleration, and Deceleration
  • Pedal Assist - Set 1-9 Levels of Assist for each of 5 Assist Modes (Hybrid, Power, Torque, Cadence, EMTB) - all with Individually Adjustable Power. Startup Boost can be Enabled in Power Mode.
  • Torque Sensor - Comes Pre-Calibrated but can be Adjusted. Option for Assist WITH or WITHOUT Pedal/Crank Rotation (e-brakes mandatory when assist without rotation is enabled). Coaster Brake Option Available (only for use with coaster brake model TSDZ2s).
  • Throttle - Power is slightly Governed for Reliability
  • Walk Assist - Set 9 Levels of Walk Assist Power, or turn Walk Assist OFF.
  • Cadence Support - 120RPM MAX with Field Weakening Enabled
  • Speed - Supports 28MPH+ (can set 1-99), Wheel Circumference Set in Millimeters for Precision Accuracy
  • Street Mode - Can be Enabled for Alternate/Restricted Speed and Power Limit Settings
  • Battery - Battery Life can be displayed in Volts, Percent, Segment Meter. Watt Hours per Mile can also be Monitored. Set Low Voltage Cutoff, Resistance, Adjust Voltage Calibration, and More!
  • Lighting - 8 Different Lighting Modes with Options for Brake Light Functions* (* = requires E-Brake Sensors)
  • Odometer and Trip - Odometer can be set (to carry over from old displays/etc). Trip A and Trip B can be automatically reset at given intervals, or manually reset at any time,
  • Data Display - Battery Segment Meter with Actual Voltage or Percent, Clock, Speed, and Assist Level always shown on the top half of the HUD. On the bottom half of the HUD you can set 3 screens that alternate with the press of a button. Each screen has 4 data fields and 1 graph. Available data parameters are: Speed*, Trip Distance*, Cadence*, Human Power*, Motor Power*, Wh/m* (battery power used per mile), Battery Voltage*, Battery Current*, Battery SOC*, Motor Current*, Motor Speed*, Motor PWM*, Motor FOC*, Odometer, Trip A Time, Trip A Distance, Trip A Average Speed, Trip A Max Speed, Trip B Time, Trip B Distance, Trip B Average Speed, Trip B Max Speed (* = viewable on graph). Units can be set to Imperial (MPH) or Metric (KM/H)
  • Diagnostics - Sub-Menu Section for Technical/Sensor Data - View-able in Real Time
  • Legality - Even at Maximum Power, the TSDZ2 with OSF is within the Legal Federal Limits in USA, and can be Tuned Down as needed for Local Compliance Anywhere

About Open Source Firmware:

OSF v20.1C.4-1 Controls:

  • Change Assist Level: 'UP' or 'DOWN'
  • Change Assist Mode: Set assist level to 0. 'POWER' to view assist mode. 'UP' or 'DOWN' to change. 'POWER' to apply/exit
  • Walk Assist: HOLD-DOWN
  • Virtual Throttle (Cruise): In 'Motor Max Power' mode, WHILE-HOLDING-UP, LONG-PRESS-POWER
  • Alternate Home Screen Data Fields/Graph: Set assist level to 1-9 (not 0). 'POWER'
  • Edit Home Screen Data Fields/Graph: Set assist level to 0. LONG-PRESS-'M'ENU and a data field/graph will flash. 'UP' or 'DOWN' to change displayed variable on that field/graph. POWER to move to the next field/graph. While on the graph LONG-PRESS-UP or LONG-PRESS-DOWN to select the X-axis scale. 'UP' or 'DOWN' to change to 15m, 1h, 4h, or automatic. LONG-PRESS-'M'ENU to apply/exit 
  • Enter Menu Shortcut (when enabled): Set assist level to 1-9 (not 0). LONG-PRESS-'M'ENU
  • While In Menu: 'M'ENU = enter submenu, edit, apply. UP or DOWN = scroll submenu or value. POWER = exit submenu/menu

For a full list of features and configurations, please see the developer manual: OSF v20.1C.4-1 Features and Configuration (Developer Manual)

For a simplified list of only what we recommend you change in the settings, please see Eco Cycle's initial setup and configuration guide:

OSF v20.1C.4-1 Initial Setup and Configuration (Eco Cycles Guide)

     Due to the nature of Open Source Firmware, various bugs and/or glitches may arise in ANY version, and it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with not only OSF in general, but specifically with the firmware programming/update process. As this firmware is continuously updated, it is best to have the ability to update yourself. Luckily, Eco Cycles worked closely with the OSF coders and APT (860C Manufacturer) to enable plug and play programming which was not possible in the early stages of OSF. We have provided some step by step intructionals below to guide you through the process. That being said the newest v20.1C.4-1 is very functional and stable compared to previous versions.



    Open Source Firmware is a Third Party Firmware Modification that is highly customizable. While Eco Cycles does offer our Warranty on this Motor Kit, note that the Warranty does NOT cover Firmware Issues, or Overheating. That being said, OSF is very functional and stable nowadays, and as long as you mind your gearing and don't max out the power (we send pre-programmed to a generally reliable level), you should not have any issues.

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