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170mm Stock Crank Arms for Bafang BBS Series

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     Stock Crank Arms for the Bafang BBS02/HD Motor. These Crank Arms are pretty straight, as opposed to the offset Crank Arms of a Tongsheng TSDZ2, which actually curve about 20mm outward.

     After a stock installation on both Bafang BBS02/HD and Tongsheng TSDZ2 motor kits, the Q factor is actually not balanced/symmetrical. The Crank Arms and Pedals are not even distances away from the center/seat, or each side of the chain stay.

     PRO TIP: Use a Left Side TSDZ2 Crank Arm with a Right Side Bafang BBS02/HD Crank Arm on either motor kit for a balanced, symmetrical Q factor!