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5 Pin to 6 Pin Conversion Display Wire Harness for TSDZ2

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- Eco Cycles Custom Made Conversion Cable for pairing 850C and SW102 Displays with 5 Pin Connectors to your 6 Pin TSDZ2, without having to splice/rewire

- Will convert any Bafang BBS 5 pin Display to Tongsheng TSDZ2 6 Pin, but do note ~ just because your Display has a 5 Pin Higo/Julet/Waterproof Connector, doesn't mean it has the Bafang BBS Style Pinout ~ so you will need to confirm this to ensure compatibility

- 36" from end to end, so when plugged into our 850C or SW102 Displays, the combined length is equal to other common TSDZ2 Display Cables (VLCD-5, VLCD-6, XH-18) 

- Diagram in last photo illustrates the connector your motor should have coming from it to confirm you are choosing the right cable. This cable is used for TSDZ2 Motors with 6 Pin Female Connectors

- 1T4 Conversion Cables for TSDZ2 Motors with 8 Pin Male Connectors, and 1T1, 1T2, 1T3, and 1T4 Cables for TSDZ2 Motors with 8 Pin Female Connectors are also available


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