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Eccentric Bottom Bracket Adapters (to Convert Incompatible Bottom Brackets for use w/ TSDZ2 and BBS Mid Drives)

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- 2 Piece Eccentric Adapters work with virtually any width Bottom Bracket Shell

- Eccentric Shape minimizes Bottom Bracket shell/wall thickness, allowing a Mid Drive to still slide in, where a standard adapter may block installation, as the gap between the Spindle/Bottom Bracket Shaft and Motor Housing on a Mid Drive cannot accommodate very thick shells/walls around the Bottom Bracket

- 41mm O.D. Eccentric Adapters fit Frames/Bottom Bracket Shells that accept: PF41, BB86, BB92, and BB30 Bottom Brackets (as well as any other 41-42mm I.D. Bottom Bracket Shells)

- A Layer or two of thin tape can be applied to the 41mm O.D. Eccentric Adapters for a snug fit into 42mm I.D. Bottom Bracket Shells

- 46mm O.D. Eccentric Adapters fit Frames/Bottom Bracket Shells that accept: PF30 Bottom Brackets (and any other 46mm I.D. Bottom Bracket Shells)

- American / Ashtabula Eccentric Adapters fit Frames/Bottom Bracket Shells that typically take one-piece cranks and have an I.D. of approximately 51.3 mm

- A bit of Thread Lock Adhesive/Sealant is recommended to secure Eccentric Adapters and prevent rotation (although not much rotation is possible once a Mid Drive is installed anyway, it is still good practice)