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TSDZ2 Controller w/ choice of Pin/Connector Type and Voltage

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Included: Bare TSDZ2 Controller with Battery, Speed Sensor, and Display Connectors
     Be sure to check if your current system is 6 or 8 pin, as this is not interchangeable without modifications and/or more parts.
- 6 Pin - Does not support throttle (for use with 6 Pin Displays)
- 8 Pin - Supports throttle (requires 8 Pin VLCD-5 Display, or the 8 to 6 Pin Splitter with Throttle Cable for use with 6 Pin Displays)
     Most of the TSDZ2 models that leave the Tongsheng factory are 13a and the same couple models are commonly sold by distributors at multiple different wattage ratings ~ 350w, 500w, 750w, which is a practice Eco Cycles does not partake in.
We are industry leading experts when it comes to TSDZ2 Firmware and Programming, and after extensive research and testing, we developed our own version of the stock firmware we call 'Eco +' where we program for the maximum power level possible while still retaining reliability - 15a for 36v, 18a for 48v, and 17a for 52v - stronger max power than anywhere else. Our 'Eco +' firmware is the best performing stock (non OSF) firmware on the market!
NOTE: When comparing power levels between motors, especially different motors, it is best to look at the actual volt and amp ratings rating and how the power is triggered, as with continuous wattage there is standardized system for ratings, so you are not ever looking at an absolute value, and there are many varying factors involved. One major factor is the difference between torque sensing (where you have to work for the power) and cadence sensing (where you just turn up the assist level and if the crank spins it is full power).  The '500w' 36v TSDZ2 puts out around 600-750w max and the '750w' 48/52v puts out around 900w max, but you have to work for it ~ torque sensing - while the The '750w' 48/52v BBS models peak over 1250w and you can trigger that with the flick of a finger ~ throttle.