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TSDZ2 Bottom Bracket Extension Kit for 74mm - 120mm

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Eco Cycles is proud to offer bottom bracket / spindle extensions for the TSDZ2. You can purchase these standalone to install yourself (requires tapping your axle shaft with 30*2mm thread) but we also offer pre-installation in our TSDZ2 Motor Ads. The (Stock) TSDZ2 fits 68-73mm Bottom Brackets, but these extensions are perfect for adapting to anything over 73mm wide.

  •  Available in 100mm (for 74-100mm BBs), and 120mm (for 100-120mm BBs)
  • Includes all required hardware - Extended Bottom Bracket Housing, Spindle with extra Bearing, Mounting Plate Bolts and Spacers
  • BB Spacers may be required to shim your motor housing away from the chain stay, and/or to re-position the chain line
  • D.I.Y Installation requires Tapping/Threading your TSDZ2 Axle Housing with a 30*2mm Tap

NOTE: As seen in the last picture, 3" / 76mm of clearance is required from the center of your BB, directly over to the chain stay - otherwise installation will be obstructed. Depending on the depth of engagement, you may be able to just shim the BB with some spacers, although you may also have to go an extension size up/longer in order for the thread to protrude on the non-drive side. Don't worry, if you order the wrong size and it does not work, we will exchange it with an appropriate size, and installation is as simple as removing a lock/clip ring and unscrewing the extension.

 Short Install Preview:

The motor in the video preview is pre-threaded. If you D.I.Y. - you must tap/machine the axle housing of the motor with a 30 * 2mm tap. This is not easy to do in the first place, and even harder to keep straight/aligned. We had to make a professional jig, and use an expensive lathe for the process  - to ensure a perfect fit. If the threads are not straight/properly aligned - you will not be able to screw the extension in fully and/or will not be able to slide the bearings in.


Example photos show models with protective covers, as well as chain guides - both of which we offer - separately (chain guides and protective covers are not compatible together without modifying the protective cover with a slot for the chain guide to protrude through) Motors and other accessories in pictures are shown for reference only.


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