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VLCD-5 Display ( 8 pin ), Throttle, and E-Brakes Bundle for TSDZ2

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Be sure to check the connector end on your current motor/controller system to verify if it has 8 pins. You will need to match it to install the VLCD-5 Display. This Display/Throttle/E-Brake Bundle is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH TSDZ2 SYSTEMS THAT HAVE AN 8 PIN CONNECTOR!


VLCD-5 Display comes with Throttle and E-brakes included. Throttle plugs into back center port of Display, E-Brakes plug into both outside ports of Display

The VLCD-5 Display - Large Center Mount Display w/ USB & More:

    The VLCD-5 is a larger, center mounted display with ports for a throttle, e-brakes, and an external handlebar mounted button panel. This keeps wiring clutter down as only a single wire is needed to run from your motor to your cockpit/display, then the throttle and brakes stem from that. The VLCD-5 also houses a USB port for charging your mobile device. 

    The controls are on the display as well as the handle bar mount panel ~ featuring +\- buttons to adjust the level of assist, a power button that doubles as on/off for the lights with a short press, and an information button to toggle the trip/odometer readout. There is also a 'hidden menu' where you can adjust the settings for wheel diameter, change the speed limit, switch between miles or kph, and more. The VLCD-5 display screen face is removable from its mount by pressing a tab underneath the USB port.



VLCD-5 Display Manual