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Freewheel Carrier Holder (for NuVinci N171 Hubs)

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Made from scrapped hubs. This holds the freewheel carrier in a bench vise so you can unscrew the freewheel or track cog with a chain whip or freewheel remover tool. This is not a normal freewheel removal tool, it is a workaround because the proper NuVinci freewheel removal tool is no longer available.

Freewheel removal: The NuVinci N171 is threaded for a freewheel but the system already is able to run backwards, like a freewheel but with some resistance. And most mid drive electric assist units (like the Bafang HD series) have freewheeling in the crankset. So we usually just install a track cog on the threaded portion and it’s more easily removed. Fallbrook sold a removal tool but they are no longer available. With the track cog, you just remove a snap ring and the freewheel body can come off, allowing access to the back side for fixing with various methods (including using a tool we have available) as you then use a chain whip to unscrew the track cog. If there’s a regular freewheel on it, you have to pry it off, overpowering the snap ring. This is surprisingly easy to do with a big screwdriver but you run the risk of damaging the snap ring. Then use our tool to hold it in a vise and then use the chain whip to remove the freewheel. There are spare snap rings available, but they are expensive because they are harvested from other hubs, along with fluid and other parts.
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