New Facility Construction and Website Update (NEW BIKES + KITS) in Progress - 6/5 through 6/12 during which we will be focusing on support but have limited availability on the phone lines and for sales. Please reach out to during the interm for support as needed!

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        Located in Nashville, TN, we at Eco Cycles are E-Bike and Green enthusiasts ourselves. We've spent years riding, building, repairing, and learning, embedded in the E-Bike/Eco Community - always promoting symbiotic/green practices and initiatives, from manufacturing process to lifestyle.

     Eco Cycles LLC has developed extensive expertise over the years in the E-bike Industry. In addition to our own Customer Support, we perform Support and Repair Services for various International E-Bike/Motor/Parts/Battery Manufacturers and Distributors. This provides us with good, regular practice for service and repair; strong, dependable relationships with International Suppliers; and a unique insight into a variety of product strengths and weaknesses. This all comes together to greatly aid in selecting quality products, negotiating price and supply, and to address any typical issues and implement improvements - which often involve our own custom parts which we offer under our house brand 'Solid E-Bike'.

     Thanks to everyone who has been along for the ride so far - we appreciate your support - and we invite you to continue on this Electric Journey with us, we have a lot more ground to cover!