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110 BCD Spider Chainring Adapter for TSDZ2

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  • NEW (since 2018) Version
  • Black versus old Silver Style
  • Improved Seal/Waterproofing around bottom bracket axle
  • For use with the 'Stock' Tongsheng 110 BCD Chain Rings with the TSDZ2
  • Chain Rings typically mounted on the Back Side
  • Can mount an Additional Chain Ring or Guard on the Front (Such as the Stock 42T/Guard Setup)

     These newer 'Stock' spider adapters are black, and blend in much better with the TSDZ2 compared to the older silver models. They also feature improved construction with a higher quality gasket for a better seal around the bottom bracket axle, for increased weatherproofing and reliability.

     All of our TSDZ2 motors come with this spider adapter stock, but we offer it standalone so you can upgrade your older TSDZ2.