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52T Chainring for TSDZ2 - 110 BCD

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  • Mounts to Stock TSDZ2 Systems, and can be used in conjunction with other 110 BCD Chain Rings for a double chain ring
  • Note - if used with the stock TSDZ2 42T, the spacing will not be appropriate for derailleur shifting (the stock 42T is OFFSET), however you could switch by hand (FLAT 42T chain rings are available if you wish to make a 42T/52T double with the appropriate spacing)
  • Front Derailleurs may need a fat bike spacer/mount to have the required reach for shifting to the outside gear of a double chain ring on a TSDZ2
  • Can mount to ANY 110 BCD Spider / Crankset (not only stock TSDZ2)
  • 52T Chain Guards also Available