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860C Display for Tongsheng TSDZ2

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For TSDZ2 w/ STOCK Firmware Only (NO OSF)

The 860C has a green 5 pin connector, so if you do not have a port on your TSDZ2 to accept a green 5 pin connector, then you will need a conversion cable.

The 860C has 5 levels of assist for finer modulation versus stock displays with 4, and can show the actual voltage (or percent, although only in increments of 20%).

The 860C can mount to 31.8mm, 25.4mm, or 22.2mm handlebars, through the use of included gaskets.

CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO OF THE 860C (large display with detached controls / button panel - brightest display in direct sunlight)

NOTE: The 860C may be familiar to some from Bafang/BBSxx systems, but when used with TSDZ2 there are some unavailable features, such as wattmeter, range, and brake indicator, all of which are not shown on the screen.