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860C Display for TSDZ2 with Open Source Firmware

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OSF v20.1C.4 Manual for 860C Display / TSDZ2

We currently program with the newest OSF v20.1C.4 - but we will program and send your 860C Display with ANY VERSION requested.

NOTE: The 860C has a green 5 pin connector -- if you do not have a port on your TSDZ2 to accept a green 5 pin connector, then you will need a conversion cable

TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware (OSF) is a project being developed by members of the TSDZ2 Community. Discussed, tested, and continuously updated - upgrades have already been implemented that grant the TSDZ2 a smooth power delivery system that even rivals the expensive mid drives found on higher end factory bikes... but where it really shines, is when it comes to the custom settings. Current Features Include:

- Smooth, Efficient, Responsive (FOC) Power Delivery System using Sophisticated Algorithms

- Can accept Wide Voltage Range between 24v - 60v and Provides Advanced Battery Settings Including Low Voltage Cutoff, and Pack Resistance, for Accurate and Detailed Battery Information including State of Charge (SOC) Option

- All Custom Settings can be Changed from the Display Menu, with Quick Access/Select for Maximum Motor Power, and Graph Display Toggle

- Set Maximum Power Level (Watt Limit) and Current Ramp (Amps) for High Power with Smooth Onset

- Offroad Mode can be Activated at Startup and has Alternate Speed and Power Limit Settings

- Set up to 9 Levels of Pedal, Boost, and Walk Assist

- High Cadence Support up to 120 RPM (Stock Firmware only Supports up to 90 RPM)

- Torque Sensor can be Calibrated for Optimal Performance

- Fully Tune-able Power - Set the Torque Multiplication Ratios for each Individual Pedal Assist Level, Boost Level, and Set the Power Rating for Each Walk Assist Level

- Boost Mode can be Programmed for Additional Power to be Activated when you Initially Start Pedaling ~ 'Takeoff', and can be Disabled/Enabled, with an Adjustable Fade-out Duration

- Option for Temperature Sensor Utilization (Replaces and Disables Throttle) to provide Power Rollback Preventing Damage from Overheating at High Power Levels

- Display Shows Real Time Human Power and Motor Power Readouts, along with Speed, Assist Level, Battery Meter, Trip Odometer, a Clock, and a Switchable Graph Display

- Graph Display Logs and Displays Data History of: Speed / Cadence / Human Power Input / Motor Power Output / Motor Temperature / Battery Voltage / Battery Current / Battery SOC / & Even More Technical Motor Data!

- Legal - Even at Maximum Power, the TSDZ OSF does (Barely) Stay within the Legal Federal Limits in the USA, and can be Tuned Down for Local Compliance Anywhere

- Speed Limit - Adjustable Up to 99MPH

- Wheel Perimeter Setting for Very Accurate Readings, even if you Choose to Switch Tires etc

- Units - Metric or Imperial

- Clock / Time Measurement (TMM)

- Menu Section for Technical/Sensor Data - View-able in Real Time for Diagnostics


TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware (OSF) Resources:

TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware (OSF) Home Page (intro and overview of the project)

TSDZ2 OSF General Discussion Thread on Endless-Sphere Forum

850C Display OSF Discussion Thread on Endless-Sphere Forum


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