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Bicycle Stem Mount Adapter

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Mounts in front of your stem by using spacers and replacing two of the existing stem bolts with longer bolts. Has a single bolt hole (up to M6) mounting platform which is on a hinge. Can be used for mounting a variety of lights and other accessories. For lights, while it is common to use this mount in conjunction with a single bolt/hole style light, you can also mount the traditional 'U' fork mounting bracket to it. Fold the mount forward, which gives the light good angle to shine, and a nice 'perch' right above the handlebars - clear of any cable guides and hydraulic hoses.


  • Mount x 1 (for mounting your light/accessory)
  • Bolts w/ Spacers x 2 (for installing the mount in front of your stem)
  • Mounting Bolt x 1 (bolt that may be used to mount some lights/accessories)
  • Allen Wrench x 1 (for installation)