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Clamp On Adapter w/ Spacer - for using Double or Triple Chainrings w/ TSDZ2 (Requires Direct Mount Front Derailleur)

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     Sometimes your current front derailleur will not have the swing/reach/range to shift when using a double or triple chain ring assembly with your TSDZ2 Conversion. The gear reduction slightly pushes the chain rings out more, and you can see the issue in the pictured below:


     If this is the case, you can use a 'direct mount to clamp on adapter with spacer', which will space the front derailleur out - directly over the chain rings - and solve any shifting reach/range issues. The use of this adapter will require you to switch to a 'direct mount' front derailleur. It also may require a shim, as the clamp is made for a 34.9mm tube.

If you choose to go with this adapter to solve shifting issues with your double or triple chain ring TSDZ2 setup, keep the following in mind:

- The Adapter Clamp is made for a 34.9mm Tube, and may need a Shim

- The Adapter requires a 'Direct Mount' Style Front Derailleur

- The Front Derailleur needs to accommodate your largest Chain Ring

- The Front Derailleur needs to match your Current Model's Cable Pull Orientation, and have the same Shifting Ratio