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BBS Series Programming Cable

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     The Programming Cable hooks up to the display port of your BBS wiring harness and plugs into the USB port of your computer. 

Note: the programming software is for Windows only.

     When programming your BBS Mid Drive, you can change many settings to tweak and fine tune the motor performance, such as 'ramp up' features, and 'start current %', to minimize wear on your drive-train components. You can set the current and rpm limit for the throttle and pedal assist independently, with different values for each assist level. You can also add considerably more power than the stock programming (but make sure to consider any local legislation). 

     The whole Cable is approximately 23" end to end, with an 18" 'neck'. 

     For the programming software (Windows only), guide, and various preset profiles, please see the link to the 'Drive' folder below.

Bafang / 8fun BBS Programming Files