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Sate Lite - Rear (6v - 12v)

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     This Rear Light typically mounts to a rack, but you can fix it to a reflector, seat post, or other various places with accessories or a bit of your own creativity. These are simple yet quality lights, and have various forms of certification, being made by a reputable bicycle light manufacturer. It can run on power sources from 5v-12v.

     These are great for extra visibility and staying compliant with any local legislation etc, but at only >.5a or so, they don't quite have the 'headlight beam' power to light your way for fast night riding etc. Still, they are a nice option for integrated lighting controlled from the display and/or handlebar button panel.

  • SATE LITE is a Reputable Manufacturer in the Bicycle Industry, providing Quality Lights to Certifiable Standards
  • Integrates with TSDZ2 Systems (by using the Speed Sensor 'Y' Splitter w/ Wiring Harness)
  • Can also Integrate with select Bafang BBS systems that include a 6v light output wire
  • Controlled from Display and / or Button Panel if used with Tongsheng and Bafang Systems
  • Can be used on other systems as well, and may be wired to a switch etc.
  • Low Power <.5a
  • Includes a generous 72" of wire for ability to route longer distances such as required on Trikes and Cargo Bikes
  • Bare Wire Ends (must directly wire, or attach your preferred connector)