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Recumbent / Trike Stabilizer Bar (Torque Arm) for BBS Series

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The Bafang Stabilizer Bar (BSB-1) is an alternative fixing plate for stabilizing the mounting of the Bafang mid-drive. Made of high strength 304 stainless steel. 

The Heavy Duty Stabilizer Bar BSBHD-1 is our new heavy duty version Bafang stabilizer bar! 50% thicker than the standard model (BSB-1) and designed to handle the extra torque of the Bafang HD motors.

The Stabilizer Bar has a mounting angle of 40 degrees, this bar will fit most non full suspension bikes and attach to the chain stay. Some bending or forming will probably be required for a rock solid installation.Includes 19-70mm hose clamp for securing to your frame.

Note: Will require a suitably sized hose clamp to secure to your frame.