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Solid State Relay 3v - 32v DC Switch Input w/ 5v - 220v DC Load Output

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         Great for running high power lights with your battery or a DC/DC converter as the power source, while retaining the capability of being switched on/off through your integrated display lighting control. Perfect for use with Bafang/BBS02/HD or Tongsheng/TSDZ2 systems. These systems can typically only power very weak 6V <.5A lights through their lighting circuit - but instead you can wire the stock light wire to your Relay's IN/Switch pins, and then run a stronger power source line through the Relay's LOAD/Power pins, for high power integrated lighting! We like to hide these either inside a purpose built frame, or - if you are doing a more standard bicycle conversion - inside a seat tube mounted box.
  • IN/Switch triggered with 3-32V DC
  • LOAD/Power can handle a 5A 5-220V DC Current
  • 4 pin - no wire (must solder/crimp/etc.)
  • .6 oz