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Tektro AURiGA e-COMP HD-E500 Hydraulic e-Brakes (uses 1.8mm Rotors)

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     Simple but Strong - Tektro Auriga e-Comp HD-E500 Hydraulic e-Brakes use standard thickness rotors, and are wired with a sensor to cut motor power when the lever is pulled. Wired with a yellow 3 pin connector and is plug and play with Bafang BBS Series wiring systems. Connector can be cut and is compatible with any system that calls for an OPEN circuit type w/ 2 wires, that CLOSES when the lever is pulled.

Left/Front and Right/Rear Setup, but of course you can swap the hoses if you desired - although then bleeding may be required.

PM Style Calipers. 180mm Front and Rear IS Adapters Included.


Circuit Type : OPEN
Wires : 2 (despite 3 pin connector)


Diameter : Ø160-223mm
Thickness : 1.8mm Standard

Lever Forged Aluminum Lever / Cast Aluminum Bracket
Adjustable Angle Reservoir Tank
Two Pieces Bracket
2.5 Finger Ball End Blade
Finish : Black
Caliper Post Mount
Forged Aluminum Body
Automatic Caliper Positioning Via Front And Rear Adapters
Finish : Black
Pads Standard Pads: A10.11(Metal Ceramic Compound) 
Easy Replacement
Compatible pads to do the replacement: E10.11(Organic Compound) or P20.11(Metal Ceramic Compound)
Fluid Non-Corrosive Mineral Oil
Excellent Heat Expansion Properties
Weight Front Wheel - 327 Grams / Rear Wheel - 343 Grams
(Excludes Rotor, Adapter & Mounting Bolts)


Brake Bleed Demo: