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Thermal Putty Kit for TSDZ2

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With thermal putty packed around your TSDZ2 motor core, the air gap between it and the housing/case/cover that previously acted as insulation is bridged, allowing the heat to spread from the motor, through the putty, to the housing/case/cover and out into the air, for increased cooling, allowing you to run higher power levels continuously. This is an absolute MUST when using Open Source Firmware!

Includes 100 grams (enough for 1 motor) of some of the highest grade thermal putty available for electric/automotive applications, and (4) Torx Security T20 M4 x 12mm screws with Torx Security T20 Bit to securely tighten down cover. The stock allen screws are known to strip, especially again resistive force of putty smashing into place as they tighten, but the Security Torx work great.

This putty is very hard to get in small quantities and retail from your average industry supplier for 100G is approx $40-50 alone.

Note: Eco Cycles recommends pairing thermal putty with a heatsink plate, which together make up our cooling mod option that we offer pre-installed with OSF kits