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TRP C2.3 / HD-EU831 - Quad Piston Hydraulic e-Brakes (Uses 2.3mm Rotors)

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Clean Cockpit and Cool Caliper Technology - TRP C2.3 / HD-EU831 Quad Piston Hydraulic E-brakes utilize TRP's advanced E23 Calipers which take 2.3mm extra thick rotors for supreme stopping power that stays cooool. The levers have that modern, clean, minimalist look - even routing the hose nice and tight to the inside of your handlebars for a nice and clean cockpit. 

Comes with bare wires, but we can wire with Yellow 3 Pin (Bafang) or other connectors upon request (for additional charge).

EZ-PLUG System - for a quick and easy install (see video below).

Manufacturer's Description:

     In cooperation with the leading cargo bike manufacturer Riese & Müller, TRP development teams have designed a new disc brake specifically for cargo and E-cargo bikes: The TRP C2.3. TRP C2.3 is the new Premium Cargo Bike brake from Tektro. The letter “C” indicates cargo application and “2.3” for the use of a stronger 2.3 mm rotors compared to conventional 1.8 mm rotor.

     TRP is the high-end brand from Tektro (Tektro Racing Products), which is native in developing performance braking systems for downhill mountain bike racing. TRP has used this know-how to keep elevating TRP E-Bike Solutions for specific application like E-Cargo bikes.


Circuit : OPEN while not in use, CLOSE when Braking (Bafang BBS Series Wiring Compatible)

Wire : 2 - Brake and Ground (can still be connected to BBS Yellow 3 Pin without 5v Wire)


Diameter : 160-223mm

Thickness : 2.3mm Extra Thick


TRP E23 Calipers

Quad Piston

Post Mount


Minimalist Design

CCT (Clean Cockpit Technology) - Hose Routes Tight-to-Inside

Removeable Sensor for Motor Cutoff while Braking

• CNC machined
• Increased stiffness and clean fit
• Simple information marking

• New performance resin compound
• Increased thermal stability
• Shorter bed-in process

• Lower viscosity for better fluid flow
• Increased heat stability up to 230 oC
• Easier to bleed

• 8% increase in heat stability
• 47% increase in lateral stiffness
• 223 mm option increasing braking leverage over larger wheels

• Increased stiffness for better hydraulic pressure
• Increased thermal stability
• Easier to work with for internal frame routing

• Increased oil speed flow
• Quicker response at rear brake
• Quicker bleeding