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Speed Sensor w/ Extra Port and Front / Rear Light Wires (6v 0.5a Output) for TSDZ2

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- Great for adding integrated lights (on/off controlled from display) and is compatible with all TSDZ2 Models

- A 10-15mm gap is required between the speed sensor and the spoke magnet for a proper reading. Start with a bigger gap, then bring them closer until you get a solid reading. Too close will scramble the reading and cause pre-mature motor cutout.

- Speed Sensor w/ 'Y' Adapter is 12" End to End

- Light Wiring Harness is 12" to Split, then 36" each for front and rear wires

- Light Wire Ends vary, may be Bare Wire, SM, or Spade Connectors

- Light Wiring Harness / TSDZ2 System is compatible with 5-6v 0.5a Lights, and is controlled (on/off) from your display

- Speed Sensor Extensions are also available (as well as all other TSDZ2 Part, and Battery Cable Extensions)