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Recumbent Trike Model Eco+ TSDZ2B (Torque Sensing) Conversion Kit

Eco Cycles Presents: The Recumbent / Trike Model TSDZ2(TOO)B

     Eco Cycles is proud to offer the industry leading torque sensing e-assist conversion kit which retrofits to your bent, turning it into an e-machine! This kit is universally compatible with 99%+ of Recumbents / Trikes and includes an assortment of parts and extra extensions to route and mount everything however you'd like!

     Our TSDZ-TOO (upgraded TSDZ2B) offers smoother assist, more torque, finer adjustments/settings for the sensitivity and power for each assist level, a wider range of accessory/battery options, and an all-around better bang for your buck ~ compared to leading competitor systems. The harder you pedal - the harder the motor works with you. Torque sensing makes for much more natural pedaling/riding feel ~ compared to cadence sensing based systems. The TSDZ2 Mid Drive utilizes your drivetrain/gearing for higher efficiency which means more range and ultimate hill climbing ability ~ compared to hub motor systems.

     Eco Cycles has been working with the TSDZ2 for over 5 years now - from modifications and upgrades to the design and production of custom components - not only to maximize performance and reliability, but to allow customization of the sensitivity and power levels to make sure everything can be dialed in perfect for you, regardless of your own output or desired usage. We have done so much work with these motors - we started calling them the TSDZ-TOO - because there is TOO much to go over, but also because you'll have almost TOO much fun riding it!

     Whether you want just a little help with the hills, or you want the motor to do the majority of the work while only putting in minimal effort yourself... it is as easy as pressing ' + ' or ' - ' on the button panel! Want to pedal under your own power some of the ride and save the battery for when you need it? No problem, just set the assist to ' 0 ' and ride it like normal... there is almost no added resistance to the drivetrain! Planning a long ride, or just don't want to charge often? We have the largest batteries available, and even custom make our own dual battery connector to double up your range without interrupting operation to swap one out!

     Worried that it will be complicated to setup and operate? Don't stress! Eco Cycles configures and tests your TSDZ-TOO kit at our facility first, then ships it fully set up so you are ready to ride as soon as you install it - truly plug and play! All you have to do is press the ' power ' button to turn the system on, and then ' + ' for more assist/power, or ' - ' for less assist/power! If you want to get into all the options, you can do that of course, but there is no need if you would just prefer to ride! Even if you do plan on adjusting the options, we highly recommend you give it a good test ride first, the way we sent it, just for you!


  • Maximum Speed Supported: 20/28 MPH [if surpassed the motor will cease assist, but will not inhibit your own pedaling force ~ shipped with a 20 MPH limit set for Class 1 (without throttle) or Class 2 (with throttle) E-Assist, but the speed limit can be set from display]
  • Maximum Cadence Supported: 90/120 RPM (after which you outrun the motor's assistance, but it will not inhibit your own pedaling force ~ shipped with 90RPM support but 'overdrive' can be turned on for full 120RPM support)
  • Maximum Torque: 100 N.m  (enough to climb virtually any hill ~ more torque than the leading competitors torque sensing systems)
  • Torque Sensing Assist Levels: Eco+: 5 Assist Levels / OSF: Up to 9 Assist Levels (ECO+ Assist levels are hard set, with OSF Assist Levels individually adjustable sensitivity/power ~ to dial it in perfectly for virtually any rider)
  • Gear Shift Detection: No Gear/Shift Sensor Needed (unlike cadence-based systems where gear/shift sensors are considered all but mandatory)
  • Startup Behavior: Throttle can be operated from a standstill, while 1/4 of a Crank Rotation is necessary for pedal assist to kick in
  • Weight: 13-25lbs Total Weight depending on selected options and battery size. The Motor is approximately 8 lbs, the Cables, Accessories, and Mounts add another 2-4lbs, and the Battery adds between 3-13lbs depending on the size/model.
  • Wire Lengths: EXTRA Extensions are included to ensure you have enough line for each and every part!
  • Compatibility: Fit 99%+ of all Recumbents / Trikes (which tend to have standard JIS/BSA bottom brackets). This means a 68mm (2.68 in.) to 73mm (2.87 in.) wide bottom bracket shell with a 33.5mm to 35mm (1.37 in.) inside diameter. Other than that, note the wall thickness around the bottom bracket cannot be over 8mm (only an issue on some custom or carbon booms), and there must be no obstruction around the bottom bracket which would inhibit the use of a boom clamp. We offer FREE RETURNS if this kit does not fit your recumbent / trike!


For a video/demo of Eco Cycles' Recumbent / Trike Model TSDZ2, check out our recent (3/6/22) feature on the Laidback Report:


Install Video

Eco+ or OSF Upgrade

The OSF upgrade is only available with the 860C Display. The upgrade also includes a motor cooling modification, for enhanced performance. The OSF not only allows you to tune the multiplication force of each assist level and set 4 custom data fields and 1 graph on each of 3 quickly switchable screen, it also makes the motor performance even smoother, and allows electric assist to support you even to 120RPM cadence, where Eco+ only supports up to 90-100RPM.

To see a demo/intro to the Eco+ screen/features, click HERE

Eco+ Firmware has 4 or 5 assist levels (depending on display) and a nice graphical HUD to show you various data. The assist levels and home screen/HUD are hard set and cannot be changed. This is a good option to keep things nice and simple, ready to go!

To see a demo/intro to the OSF screen/features, click HERE

The OSF upgrade is a fully customizable system that allows you to tune the amount each assist level multiplies your force! Set 1-9 assist levels across multiple assist modes, and tune each assist level, in each mode ~ completely independently! This allows you to dial things in perfectly for virtually any rider, regardless of if they prefer more or less assist, and regardless of their level of strength. OSF features 3 main home screens which toggle with a click of a single button. In addition to the Battery Percent, Clock, Assist Level, and Speed - which are always shown - you can set the 4 data fields and 1 graph on each screen! That is a total of 12 numeric data fields and 3 graphs available on the HUD for all your analytic needs! 

     Extensions are included with your display, and extra extensions are available if you need to mount the controls/button panel further away from your 860C Display Screen. All displays latch/mount to 22mm [7/8"] diameter bars.


Throttle - Throttle function is governed to approximately 1/2 of the maximum pedal assist power (from the highest assist level) and is the same regardless of what pedal assist power level you are in. Extensions are included with purchase of a Throttle. Throttle slides (not latches) onto to 7/8" (22mm) diameter bars.


E-Brakes - E-Brakes cut power when you brake as an extra safety feature. We do officially recommend E-Brakes, however with the very responsive torque sensing function cutting out very quickly when you cease pedaling with force, many find they are not necessary and opt to go without them. The motor also cuts out quickly after letting off the throttle, and going without E-Brakes does simplify the install, keeping things clean with minimal wiring. Through-Line/In-Line E-brake Sensors (use your own mechanical cable pull brakes) - Thread your brake cable through the sensor to detect when you brake, automatically cutting power.
Through-Line / In-Line E-Brake Sensors for use with Mechanical Cable Brakes

Magnet E-Brake Sensors (use your own hydraulic brakes) - Attach the magnet and sensor to brake lever and body so that they separate when you pull the lever, automatically cutting power (can also be used with Mechanical Cable brakes, however is not quite as clean as an option so usually are opted only for use with hydraulic brakes where there is no alternate option).Magnet / E-Brake Sensors for use with Hydraulic (or Mechanical Cable) Brakes


Accessory Mount - Various options available for mounting your Display and optional Throttle or E-Brakes. Select from the list, or see all of our options in the Recumbents/Trikes+ Accessory Mounts Section


Speed Sensor - Eco Cycles Adjustable Recumbent/Trike Speed Sensor features an adjustable gap between the Sensor and Mount to achieve proper spacing regardless of the distance between your chain stay and wheel spokes. The speed sensor attaches to your chainstay (or on a mount near your front wheel, if applicable) and the spoke magnet attachs to your spokes. Each time the wheel rotates, the magnet passes by the sensor which detects a pulse. This is used to calculate and monitor your speed. Just set your wheel size in the display menu for an accurate measurement. 

NOTE: Spacing between sensor and spoke magnet should be approx. 1/2" (10-15mm) - too close will cause the speed reading to spike and cause intermittent cutout.


 Speed Sensor Installation Card

Want to add lights to your kit? Available separately, the dual port speed sensor has an extra port for the lighting circuit ouput, and includes a wiring harness. The light wiring harness is 16" solid line, then splits to front and rear, with 36" of line each way. Note the lighting circuit output is only 6v 0.5a, which is adequate for lower power lights 'to be seen', but not enough for higher power lights that could be used 'to see' ~ as a real headlight/spotlight to clearly see potholes or obstacles ahead on the road/trail at night. Do not connect higher consumption lights to the lighting circuit or you will fry it. Make sure only to attach 6v 0.5a (3w) lights or under, such as the dynamo lights. We have a good selection of compatible lights if needed.

Another (albiet a more advanced DIY) option is to use the light circuit to trigger a relay which can then be connected to and trigger power from the main battery line, or a DC/DC converter, to run high power lighting controlled from the display through the integrated lighting circuit.

NOTE: We have already designed and are currently working on producing our own plug and play high powered lighting kits as well, so stay tuned for that. Our Future Lighting kits will be a plug and play upgrade to our current TSDZ2 Recumbent Trike Systems.


Cranks - The TSDZ2 uses square or diamond taper cranks. You typically cannot use your existing cranks, as both cranks are 'loose' - not attached to a crankset. This is so the chainring can freewheel independently of your cranks.

Eco Cycles Corrected 170mm Cranks (INCLUDED WITH RECUMBENT/TRIKE KIT): This option replaces the right/drive side crank with a straight crank, to bring it inwards 20mm which narrows and balances the Q factor, making it symmetrical between the left and right side. This is much easier on your knees and hips over time.

Stock 170mm Cranks (NOT AVAILABLE WITH RECUMBENT/TRIKE KIT): The stock cranks both curve outwards a bit, and once installed, the stock right/drive side crank is approx. 4/5" (20mm) farther out from the centerline compared to the left/non-drive side crank, so the Q Factor is lop-sided. This is hard on your joints over time.

152mm Cranks (SOLD SEPARATELY) As with the stock 170mm cranks, the right/drive side crank is 4/5" (20mm) farther out from the centerline compared to the left/non-drive side crank. You can use a 20mm pedal extender on the left side only, however do note that while this will balance the Q factor, this is also widening it, which may not be ideal.


Chainring/Guard - The TSDZ2 comes stock with your selected chainring attached to a 110 BCD spider/adapter. Chainring swaps are very easy - first remove the adapter from the motor with (5) 4mm Allen Bolts - then the chainring/guard are just attached with (5) 5mm Allen Chainring Bolts - the standard type.

We also offer a variety of other chainring/guard options, as well as 104 BCD and 130 BCD spider/adapters. The spider/adapters will accept any standard chainring/guard with matching BCD. Spider/adapters will accept one chainring on the inside, and one chainring or guard on the outside.

The stock setup has a chainring on the inside with a chainguard on the outside and uses 'double chainring/bolts'. If you want to use a single chainring without a guard, you will need 'single chainring bolts'. If you want to use three chainrings, or two chainrings with a guard, you can use our 'triple chainring bolts w/ spacers' to space out the last chainring/guard.

Although you can setup a double or triple chainring, a single chainring w/ guard is typically all you need as long as you have gears in the rear, as the added power assist negates the need for additional front gears. A single chainring setup is also strongly recommended as sometimes the front derailleur will not quite have the reach/range to shift to a double and/or triple chainring due to the chainring placement being pushed slightly outwards from stock/standard position once the TSDZ2 is installed. If this is the case, you can always hand shift, or get a special adapter with a direct mount front derailleur to adjust the spacing so you can shift normally, although that does require a bit more setup.

NOTE: If you do go with a single chainring, we recommend removing your front derailleur if you have one, or at least the shifter for it, which opens up the ability to install a larger variety of accessory mounts such as the 'Cockpit Mini T w/ Cable Hole', in order to mount your display, throttle, etc.


Internal Gear - If you use lower assist and mind your gearing ratio, you should generally not have a problem with the (Stock) Plastic Gear* - but if you ride using predominantly higher assist levels, aggressively, with a heavier load, through very hilly terrain, or just want to make sure your system is bulletproof - we recommend upgrading to a Metal gear. The Metal gear add a bit of noise, but does quiet down a bit after 100 miles or so under load once it fully beds in.

 PEEK Gears are strong like the Metal Gear, yet quiet like the Stock Plastic Gear

*(Stock) Plastic Gears are covered under warranty and will be supplied as needed, however, user is responsible for replacement on their own, or covering expenses to send it in for replacement by a professional.

Please see gear replacement video below for reference:


Boom Clamp - When choosing a boom clamp, you can refer to the chart below in the 'Boom Tube OD' column to see the measurement for many common models - but if it is not shown in the list, or if you would like to be absolutely certain, you can use THIS BOOM MEASURING TOOL to confirm your boom diameter. Select the closest boom clamp size available, if the difference is greater than 0.15", then size up.

Common Recumbent / Trike Boom Diameter Chart


BatteryMotor voltage and connector is automatically matched for plug and play operation upon the bundled purchase of an Eco Cycles battery with this kit. Our battery cables range from 4-10" and the Motors in Recumbent / Trike kits include 66" of line ~ part of which is a removeable 36" extension.

If you are using a battery not bundled with this kit purchase, you will be asked to specify the voltage and battery connector so we can match them for plug and play operation as well.


Battery Mount - We have a list of options that include 'Bottle Bobs'  for mounting on your boom or virtually anywhere on the frame with enough free space, and then a variety if T-Cycle brand mounts that cover all available Catrike and ICE Models. If you have another brand Recumbent / Trike model not listed, then we would recommend the 'Fully Configurable Battery Mount' which can be configured with different clamp sizes making it compatible with virtually all Recumbents / Trikes ~ outside of HP VeloTechniks, which require their own proprietary mount.

When choosing the appropriate clamp size for your 'Fully Configurable Battery Mount' to be compatible with your specific Recumbent / Trike model, you can refer to the chart below in the 'Main Tube OD' column, or use THIS BOOM MEASURING TOOL to confirm your main tube diameter, which is where the battery mount clamps to your recumbent / trike frame.

Common Recumbent / Trike Boom Diameter Chart

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