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VLCD-6 Display (KM/H only) for TSDZ2

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The VLCD-6 Display - Compact Left Handlebar Mount: 

     The VLCD-6 Display Mounts on the left side of your handlebar (standard 22.2mm) and is the smallest of the TSDZ2 displays. These are KM/H ONLY - NO MPH SETTING - so keep that in mind. Featuring a power button for on/off and to cycle the trip/odometer, and +\- buttons to adjust the level of assist, toggle the lights on/off, and changing other various settings. This is a nice and discreet display, perfect for keeping your conversion low key.

     This is a 6 pin Display so be sure to check the connector end on your current motor/controller system to verify if it has 6 or 8 pins. You will need to match it with a 6 pin system unless you have a 6 to 8 pin splitter w/ throttle cable.