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XH-18 Display for TSDZ2

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The XH-18 Display - Left Handlebar Mount Half Twist Action: 

     The XH-18 Display Mounts on the left side of your handlebar (standard 22.2mm) and features a spring loaded half twist to function as the +\- buttons to adjust the level of assist, as well as cycle menu options. This is a very smooth way to adjust your assist level on the fly. The power button doubles as on/off for the lights with a short press, and the information button toggles the trip/odometer readout.

     Included are two washers/gaskets so the twist/spring action does not bind against your handlebar grip. 

    By pressing the 'i/information' and 'power' buttons simultaneously, you access the hidden menu where you can adjust the settings for wheel diameter, change the speed limit, switch between miles or kph, and more.

     This is a 6 pin Display so be sure to check the connector end on your current motor/controller system to verify if it has 6 or 8 pins. You will need to match it with a 6 pin system unless you have a 6 to 8 pin splitter w/ throttle cable.



XH-18 Display Manual